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Keli's Dive Club
Every six weeks we will be hosting a two tank dive for those that want get out and enjoy the 
Ocean, meet new divers, and do some fun diving! We welcome all ages and level of experience! Contact us for more details!
Join us every six weeks in Monterey for a day of diving!
April 7
Dive Location: (2) Two Beach Dives in Monterey. Contact Keli's for details! Join the fun and meet some fellow divers!
May 19
Dive Location: Ocean Cove. Join our club and other local organizations to help the Abalone population by harvesting sea urchins! Contact us for more details!
July 14
Dive Location: Monterey! Call us for details.
August 18
Dive Location: Big Sur! Call for details.
September 29
Dive Location: Monterey! Call for details.
To Be Announced!
Dive Location: Coming Soon!